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Conference Committee

Conference Chair
Martyn Evans Profile Bw
Professor Martyn Evans

Professor Martyn Evans is Head of Manchester School of Art Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University. He examines the strategic approaches designers use to consider potential social, cultural, technological and economic futures.

Conference Co-Chair
Annie Photo P
Dr Annie Shaw

Dr Annie Shaw is Director of Studies for the Department of Design at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University. She explores materiality through seamless knitting in architecture, fashion, interior and product design.

Conference Co-Chair
Rachel Cooper
Lady Rachel Cooper OBE

Lady Rachel Cooper OBE is Distinguished Professor of Design Management and Policy at Lancaster University. She conducts applied and theoretical research into people, products, places and their interactions.

Conference Coordinator
Jea H Na
Dr Jea Hoo Na

Dr Jea Hoo Na is Research Associate at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University. He conducts research to understand and apply the value of design for innovation.

Advisory Committee

Conference Co-Chair
Steve Gill Profile
Professor Steve Gill

Professor Steve Gill is Deputy Director of Research and Graduate Studies at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Associate Dean of Research at the Cardiff School of Art and Design. He explores user centred design in commercial and academic contexts.

Conference Co-Chair
James Moultrie
Dr James Moultrie

Dr James Moultrie is Senior Lecturer in Design Management at the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University. He focuses on design management, the management of new product development (NPD) and the integration of design and technology.

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